Parking at Gatwick Airport

Gatwick is with far more than 30 million passengers a year UK’s second largest airport. Surprising if you consider that the airport has only a single runway. This turns Gatwick into the most occupied airport in the world.

Only 28 miles away from London, Gatwick is the nearest Airport to the capital along with London-Heathrow, an ideal link for tourists and business travellers.




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What kind of parking options do I have at Gatwick airport?

There are several parking options at Gatwick. But by virtue of the high traffic volume, the official parking space providers are often fully booked. In the peak season, additional parking areas for passengers are available in the „summer special“.

Currently, the airport Gatwick offers visitors 9 (inclusive “summer special”) official car parks:

North Terminal:

  • Short Stay North
  • Valet North
  • Premium North
  • Long Stay North
  • Summer Special (open from Easter to October)

South Terminal:

  • Short Stay South
  • Valet South
  • Premium South
  • Long Stay South

You can book a car park under www.gatwickairport.com/parking.

The long term car parks are available with regular shuttles running between the terminal and the parking (north and south terminal).

In addition, you find at Gatwick airport still numerous external parking providers, that not only provide extra utility space but are also often much cheaper than the official airport car parks, e.g.

Parking at Gatwick Airport

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On- and Off-Airport Car Parking

Basically you have 2 options to park at Gatwick.

1. On-airport car parking (directly based within the airport ground):

  • Your assets: You don’t need  a shuttle and can get to your terminal very quickly.
  • Your drawback: On-airport car parking is often expensive.

2. Off-airport car parking (you’re parking slightly away from the airport):

  • Your assets: The prices are often much cheaper than directly at the airport.
  • Your drawback: You have to take a shuttle to get to the terminal with your luggage.

Certainly at the off-airport car parking you have the opportunity to make use of the valet parking or “meet & greet”. You simply hand your car over to the service staff directly at the terminal. Your vehicle will be parked off-airport. On your return, your car will be waiting for you at the terminal.

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Choose between self- and block-parking

Before you choose a car park, consider if you want to safely store your car keys while you are on your trip or if you prefer to keep them yourself. Both options are possible at Gatwick.

1. Self-parking

With Self-parking you park your car on a booked parking ground by yourself.

You assets:

  • You don’t have to deliver your car keys.

Your drawback:

  • You can loose your keys when away.
  • You have to remember where you parked your car.

2. Block-parking

With Block-parking you deliver your car and your keys at the reception. A service assistant parks your car for you.

Your assets:

  • You don’t have to look after your keys during your trip.
  • You don’t have to search for a car space. Just leave your car at the reception, the service personnel will take care of the rest – on your return as well.

Your drawback:

  • Your concern that your car is not safe and could be stolen. However, you can set your mind to rest. The safety arrangements at all car parks at Gatwick are high, as generally the case at large airports.

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Do you need short or long stay parking?

At Gatwick Airport you find car parks for long-term and short-term parking. If you want to leave your car for just a few days, you can find convenient parking spaces near the north and south terminals.

You have a choice for long stay parking. Outside the airport area you have many alternatives which, in the long run, are considerably cheaper than the often expensive on-site airport car parks

Our tip for long-term parkers: it is generally advantageous to book a parking lot on the internet beforehand, thus avoiding stress and saving time having to search for a parking spot somewhere on site.

If you want to start your trip particularly comfortably, why not book a ‘park, sleep and fly’-offer?

  • Arrive at a comfortable hotel  the day before your departure,
  • utilise a safe hotel car park and
  • take a timely shuttle to your terminal, usually inclusive.

That is the most relaxing and convenient way to start your trip. At Gatwick airport there are several hotels that offer park, sleep and fly arrangements. If you’re travelling with your family, there’s an additional asset: In most of the hotels you pay no extra charge for children, only having to pay for adults.

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What is valet-parking or “meet and greet”?

At Gatwick Airport you have the option of valet parking, also called “meet and greet”. Drive straight up to your terminal and give up your car.

Your assets:

  • You arrive directly at your terminal – especially comfortable when with children and a lot of luggage.
  • You do not have to hunt for parking space.
  • Your key is safe while you enjoy your trip.
  • No waiting time! You deliver your car at the terminal. On your return your car is available at the same terminal, ready for your departure.

Valet-parking is especially useful for business travellers and families. It is the most comfortable way to arrive at the airport. Your car will be parked for you and you can start your trip with no ado!

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Gatwick parking for disabled – Blue-Badge-Parking

Blue-badge parking for disabled

At Gatwick airport there are both handicapped-accessible short- and long-term car parks available for  persons with a blue badge. At some off-airport parking grounds you also have the opportunity to check-in from within your car. There is no need to step out. Moreover, you can make use of the service that a member of the staff can ferry you to your terminal in your own car.

We recommend the valet- or “meet and greet”-service for handicapped persons.

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Special provisions for long vehicles and caravans

Gatwick airport provides high sided vehicle parking areas for cars and caravans over 1.8m high. For higher vehicles car park 6 in the north terminal offers parkings for crafts higher than 2.1m.

Also the external suppliers possess parking lots for oversized vehicles and caravans. Please ask the parking provider for special parking spaces.

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Pros and cons of renting a private car park

Within the environment of Gatwick airport, for example in the close-by towns such as

  • Horley,
  • East Grinstead or
  • Lowfield Heath

there are many private car park providers that offer single parking lots for both short- and long-term parking.

Although the prices are low, your car might not always be safe. In the case of a damage or theft while you are parking on private ground, your car is not covered by the providers insurance. Therefore you should consider deciding in favour of a professional car park provider.

‘Wild’ parking near the airport is not tolerated. A parking ticket can be much more expensive than the fee at the cheapest car park.

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Is the car on an official or external car park insured?

Yes. All official Gatwick car parks have indemnity insurance cover. It covers any damage resulting from an act of negligence while your car is parked at the official parking.

Also on the car parks of the external providers your car is generally insured.

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Drop-off and pick-up at Gatwick airport

If you only want to drop-off or pick-up relatives or friends at the airport, there are marked drop-off and pick-up areas within the terminal forecourts.

If you wish to park only momentarily, then use the short-stay car parks available. Furthermore, the airport provides the opportunity to park at long-stay car parks for up to an hour for no charge.

Parking charges at the airport

The charges at Gatwick airport vary markedly, depending on your choice. Should you decide for an on- or off-airport car park? And should you choose an official airport parking ground or an external provider? Following is a Gatwick parking price comparison:

Terminal/Price 1 day 1 week 10 days 2 weeks 3 weeks
Terminal North £24-79 £42-120 £56-150 £75-189 £99-250
Terminal South £24-79 £42-107 £56-136 £75-174 £99-233

Normally the charges of external providers are lower than those of official airport providers. To save additional money, try to use voucher codes. Many car park providers offer discount deals, thereby parking can be made even cheaper. Keep your eyes peeled for offer codes.

Another tip: If you book well in advance, you often can get an ‘early bird’ rebate that is well worth it’s while.

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How do I get to the Gatwick airport by car?

You can reach Gatwick airport from London City in about an hour. Situated near the M23 or A23 (London-Brighton) respectively, you can drive directly to the airport.

At the airport itself, follow the fingerposts to either the north or south terminal. If you have satellite navigation then you can use the following postcodes:

  • South Terminal: RH6 0NP
  • North Terminal: RH6 0PJ

Official car parks:

  • South Terminal Long Stay: RH6-0LL
  • North Terminal Long Stay: RH6-0RN
  • North Terminal Summer Special: RH6-0RN

The official address of Gatwick airport is:

Gatwick Airport
West Sussex RH6 0NP
United Kingdom

Gatwick Information Line:          +(0)844 892 0322

Please note that traffic jams on the M23 and M25 should be expected during rush hours. Plan extra travel time in order to catch your flight on time.

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Arrival by public transport

You can also reach reach Gatwick airport via public transport. Here are the pros and cons of using

  • train,
  • bus or
  • taxi.

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To the airport by train – The Gatwick express

The fastest link from London to Gatwick is the Gatwick Express. It leaves every 15 minutes in both directions. It only takes 30 minutes from Victoria Station to Gatwick’s Terminal South.

A return adult-ticket (valid 1 month) costs £34.90 (Status: October 2013) – cheap for long-term travellers, expensive for short-time travellers.

The biggest asset is the time you save when you travel by train. There are ,however, some drawbacks:

  • A train ride can be tiring, especially if you have a lot of luggage.
  • The Gatwick Express arrives at the south terminal. You have to take a shuttle to the North Terminal if necessary.
  • Taking the train can become quite expensive should you travel together with several people.
  • Further, you must take into account the time and additional cost of travelling to and from Victoria Station.

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Arrival by bus – National Express and easyBus

The cheapest alternative to reach Gatwick airport is by bus. The National Express costs about £8,00 (Status: October 2013). However, it takes a longer to get to the airport. Depending on traffic conditions, you are on the way for at least 1 ¾  hours. Sometimes the trip might take longer when the coach stops at towns en route.

By easyBus you arrive to the airport with no stopovers in about an hour, conditions permitting. The drawback: You start at Earl’s Court/West Brompton, further away from central London.

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Arrival by taxi – An expensive delight

Think twice before catching a taxi to Gatwick. Charges from central London to the airport of over £100,00 is not exceptional. A taxi can be recommend for short distances, for example back to the car park when no shuttle is available. Driving there yourself and using a long-term car park near the airport or on-site offers better conditions and a fairer price.

Park safely and enjoy your trip!

In and around Gatwick airport you can definitely find get an affordable and appropriate car park where your car will be safe while you enjoy your trip.

We hope to have been of help informing you about parking in and around Gatwick Airport and wish you a safe and pleasant holiday or a successful business trip!

If you are searching for Airport-Lounges, we recommend https://www.loungebooking.com/


For parking at the airport please visit https://www.park-sleep-fly.net/

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